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It is said that a man is really a child grow up, his toy will only become more and more expensive, such as motorcycle, men for motorcycle infatuation than women infatuated with designer handbags, it is synonymous with romance and passion, to take you across mountains and jungles, take you free shuttle between the roads and streets, the rumble of motors is the body’s blood was surging, driving into the distance is the attitude of the rider.

Just like playing badminton must take badminton, the helmet is undoubtedly the best match for the motorcycle,.If you don’t want to put your head on the road, buying a helmet that fits and is comfortable can be one of the most accurate decisions you’ll ever make,in addition the DOT approved motorcycle helmets are one piece of the puzzle that is paramount to all others.

Even if you already have a certain understanding of helmets, the advanced technology, new materials, and even the improved construction of helmets can be enough to make you dizzy. At FNTSports.com, everything will be easy. We work closely with the world’s largest famous helmets, and we can answer all your questions about helmets. We will provide you with more detailed data information, because our love and expertise in helmets put us in the job, we have helped riders around the world to purchase their approved motorcycle helmets to meet their needs. In short, the moment you get on your bike, we’re here with you to find the perfect motorcycle helmet.

Below are 5 professional motorcycle helmets we mainly deal in. They are fullface helmets.Modular helmets,Dual sport,half helmets,open 3/4 helmets, below, we will briefly introduce their safety performance, advantages and disadvantages, and places to be improved.We believe you will have a more comprehensive understanding of our helmets from the aspects of Type, Material Type, Technology, End-user and so on.so as to select the motorcycle helmet suitable for everyone to travel.

Motorcycle Helmets Buying Tips

Be sure to clean the helmet lining regularly. Sweat, oil, hair, and other particles can accumulate over time, causing premature wear of the coating. It is best to use mild soap to avoid damaging the coating.
If you have a shiny coat on your helmet, it is recommended that you first apply a little car polish to the car to give it a good gloss. It will keep your helmet the same for years.
Avoid intestinal buildup on the helmet. In addition to being unsightly, the interior of the insect has a corrosive effect on helmet paint. A simple way to get rid of insects is to soak a cloth with warm soapy water and place it on your helmet for a while. So just clean them.
A silicon-based lubricant is used to keep the moving parts of the helmet in motion. Dry cleaning of these parts will consume them in a short time.
Use a cotton swab or Q-tip to clean the vents. Dust and particles that accumulate in the vents can hinder air circulation and damage the air quality inside the helmet.

Consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the enhanced comfort and safety provided by premium motorcycle helmets, which is providing a boost to their sales.Furthermore, there is a rising popularity of helmets among the youth along with the availability of wide customization options in the products.

Moreover, the increasing number of bike commuters coupled with the rising trend of bike racing and superbikes is also contributing to the market growth. Racing events and various clubs and communities of bikers act as a platform for bike enthusiasts to showcase their riding skills and represent the fraternity by focusing on ethical riding and road safety. This aids in creating awareness regarding the importance of wearing helmets.

If you are here in this review of the best motorcycle helmets, I congratulate you. Here we try our best to help you choose the right helmet for you so you can get back on the road, track or mound. Get in touch with us so you can get more information about all the items in the motorcycle helmet.

GXT Carbon Full-face FA602 HlemetThese full face helmets are the best motorcycle helmets ever made. They come in a variety of designs to suit all types of motorcyclists. For example, sports bike owners can opt for more aerodynamic designs to prevent the head from rising at high speeds, while helmets for cruising are more focused on optimising vision.
The structure of the helmet can be roughly divided into four parts:
Shell: ABS or Carbon engineering plastic material is the majority, tuhao helmets will use carbon fiber
EPS buffer layer: it is made of high-density polystyrene EPS foam, which is one of the most critical parts of helmet protection in case of impact [although the white buffer layer is not very eye-looking, the qualified foam, you want to cut it with your fingers, or the whole person stepping on the foam, it may not be able to step on it!
PC lens: wind and sand prevention and sun protection, high configuration of the helmet will also be made into double lens
Lining: A key component that determines the comfort of the helmet

Advantages: The best wrap, which can protect the head, chin and neck as much as possible. It is necessary for racing or highway driving. Some carbon fiber helmets can be very light in weight, which can reduce the fatigue of long distance riders.
Disadvantages: It is difficult to put on and take off. Helmets not well designed are easy to be hot and uncomfortable. The lenses may be foggy and thus affect the sight of riding.

Anti-fog Abs Shell 902 Helmet

Thick foam lining and generous padding work together to provide maximum head protection in the event of an accident.

The internal design of the helmet prevents hot spots from forming inside the helmet. Combined with an adjustable ventilation system. Motorcycle helmets allow you to respond to sudden climate changes, providing optimal performance under any conditions.

My favorite feature of the helmet is the quick chin strap. It only takes a few seconds to put on or take off. The helmet has global appeal for a good reason: Whether you’re driving in a cold climate or sailing on a sunny beach, it strikes the perfect balance between safety and comfort.


Advantages: good wrapping, front armor and lens can be lifted up together, easy to wear and take off to help the rider to replenish water, very suitable for people who travel by motorcycle.

Disadvantages: relative to the full helmet, the overall weight is too heavy, long time wear is easy to cause neck fatigue.

ABS Shell Streetfighter Breath Helmet

Some helmets are “noisier” than others, and sometimes it can be difficult to deal with when the helmet style is too strong. It’s good for you if you can wear the look of it. Otherwise, you might end up with a more traditional-looking helmet.

The adult half-size matte black helmet has a variety of functions. All this means that the helmet has detachable parts that can be converted into another form of “helmet”. Take off your face, now it’s an open face. Take off the flanks, now it’s half shell.

It’s one of the best multifaceted motorcycle helmets of 2020, and its rugged style is still a delight.

Most worryingly, the nose part of the helmet is not designed to be fully ventilated, so walking in cold climates will require more protection for the face. Only the top part of the helmet is DOT-certified and is still sufficient for the half shell.

These half-helmets can be a bit tricky, as they don’t have the same functionality as their mature Cousins.

The most important feature of the cruiser motorcycle helmet is its “Quick Select” setting tool. A knob on the back of the interior helps to accurately position the head of the helmet.

Provides perfect coordination and support on every trip, and you don’t have to worry about moving half helmet during the journey. This is a comfortable helmet.

Another important feature of this excellent motorcycle helmet is the easy to use drop-down sun visor. This means that you don’t have to wear glasses or goggles, but you can always wear them without any problems.


Advantages: small size, the most convenient to wear, feel cool, only suitable for short distance low speed driving;

Disadvantages: fairly limited protection.

GXT G708 Electric Motorcycle Safety Helmet Black Red

These helmets, which are popular with scooter owners, cover three-quarters of the head, leaving the face and jaw unprotected. They are generally not as bulky as full-face and retractable helmets, but the compensation increases the risk of injury. If you want to purchase one of these helmets, it’s best to avoid highways and other high-speed environments.


Advantages: protection is better than half helmet, good ventilation, comfortable to wear, easy to wear

Disadvantages: prone to lower jaw injury in an accident.




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