Are Carbon Fiber Helmets Safer than ABS?

Are Carbon Fiber Helmets Safer than ABS

At present, most motorcycle helmets are made of ABS, glass fiber, carbon fiber, and composite fiber. Among them, ABS and ABS+PC helmets account for more than 90% of the share, while glass fiber, composite fiber and carbon fiber have similar processes. Even the mold can be used universally, but the process is more complicated, which leads to a very small proportion of glass fiber reinforced plastic, composite fiber and carbon fiber helmets. In addition, carbon fiber materials are expensive, so the price of carbon fiber helmets is particularly high, and the glass fiber is relatively high. It has become a way of publicity for brands or businesses. Does that mean that helmets made of carbon fiber (glass fiber or composite) are safer than helmets of other materials?

   This conclusion is a blind conclusion and a wrong understanding.

The main characteristic difference between ABS and fiber helmets is that ABS is prone to chipping under impact, and fiber helmets are broken and not easily broken. In terms of material characteristics, the fiber helmet body (about 550 grams) is lighter than the ABS helmet body (about 850 grams) (there is a difference of 300 grams) with the helmet model of the same model (M), and the weight is carbon fiber material. It does have obvious advantages over ABS material. In addition to the carbon fiber helmet, the helmet body has a long production cycle and high labor costs, so the output is small, and it does not match the market demand, so this material cannot be popularized, so the price is high (of course, Eternal used to be out 2 years earlier. Carbon fiber within a thousand yuan-now 1388 yuan, I will not put the link, but this helmet is not worth buying and it is not recommended to buy, the market feedback is not good, here you can ask yourself why?). This has also led many riders to mistakenly believe that carbon fiber materials are safer. (But in many events such as MOTOGP, composite fiber helmets are definitely the mainstay, because the speed is not the same level as our daily riding speed, and the helmets have relevant event certifications, which are not worth discussing. We only discuss civilian motorcycles here. helmet.)
the answer is negative.
Under the same helmet body and the same certification, the characteristics of different materials will affect the weight of the helmet, and there is no experimental data to show the impact on safety (some brands have the same helmet type with ABS version, and there are composite fiber version/carbon fiber version) . On the contrary, the processing technology of the helmet body material (the selection of different layers of composite materials), thickness/strength, EPS density and process design, etc., can all affect the safety of the helmet.

But one thing must be pointed out. Try not to choose a helmet with a super low price, because it may be a helmet made of secondary recycled materials (I have seen a helmet made of secondary materials with my own eyes), generally a brand new officially certified ABS It is understood (not sure) that the original entry-level full helmet has an ex-factory price of about 180 yuan, plus dealer profits and channel costs. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the entry-level full helmet for motorcycles, and the normal price is 300 yuan. The above motorcycle helmet is good.

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